The time arrived for me to change my creative direction and bring into being Crystal Visions Art. With the full support of my partner Ben, we have chosen to go on this new creative adventure together. Love and shared vision are the final ingredients to make this life-long conception a reality. Ideas have been flowing in all directions along with life's inevitable changes.

My most recent artistic career was creating large murals and faux finishes in residential and business situations. I no longer provide those artistic services to clients, as my new focus is on traditional and digital art created in my home studio. This is also so I can spend time with my grandaughter, which is an exciting new chapter in our life.

I find part of my creative vision is drawn to learning art and photography software products, as well as web-based graphics because of my background in art direction, publishing and graphic design. My husband Ben is my man of code, interpreting my ideas into working websites, thus making some of my new projects a joint creative venture between husband and wife.

This website's future will be in showcasing my new artistic vision and will include informational galleries on all my new interests including photographic images. The currently listed "portfolio" is an artistic history of my past artwork and experience.
I hope you enjoy looking through those galleries which include my work as newspaper illustrator, muralist and faux finisher. My online product shops come under the muse "Painting Queen."™ and you can keep up with my adventures and inspirations on
'The Painting Queen.'™ blog.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, I hope you will return when this website contains my current artwork too. Remember, "Life is good and so are you!"